Terms of use


  1. Welcome to Robolink – Ranking Tracker from Asael Dreyer Ltd. The access and use is subject to the following rules. Consider revising them carefully.

Registration for use \ usage show agreement with those terms.

The document is written in masculine language but is addresses both genders. Addressing to an individual applies for plural and vice versa. Should it seem fit, Asael Dreyer Ltd. Reserves the right to change the terms any time, for any reason to themselves.

  1. The app allows the user to follow the rankings of keywords of different websites, so the user will be able to know his location in the search engine to the same keyword. One may view the progress of each word, issue a summary report by email etc.
  2. Each person may use the app for information purposes alone.
  3. Asael Dreyer Ltd. Does not guarantee the app (or part of it) will function properly, some faults are probable from time to time. Any fix of any fault or mishap will be done accordingly to the decisions made by Asael Dreyer Ltd.



  1. In order to use the application, registration is needed; it is also required to include identifying details. By doing so, the user ensures the provided details are correct and accurate and will not use the application while pretending to be someone else. The chosen username is not subjected to rights of others. There will be no use of someone else's name, should any detail change, the user will be required to register again. You are responsible for any actions done by your user, and for the security of the information of your account. Asael Dreyer Ltd. Will not be held responsible for any damage caused by any unpermitted use of your account.
  2. All data entered in the app will be transferred to Asael Dreyer Ltd. And will be used by them for any purpose. The main purpose is for suggesting as many relevant suggestions as possible, for example: if the followed website is of lawyer website, Asael Dreyer Ltd. Will aspire to offer suggestions that are appropriate for such website. You confirm you know there is no requirement to provide said details, and providing them depends on your will and consent and using the app shows your will and consent to delivering all of the data that will be entered in the app.


Application use

  1. You commit you will not show contents from the app in any way; in a way that changes the design, subtracts, or adds any content such as commercials and commercial content. You will not activate any computer application or any other means for searching, scanning, copying or retrieval of contents. Moreover, you undertake not to cause damage to the application or its server by a virus or any other way.
  2.   Registration shows agreement to receive emails. It is possible to remove the mail listing by clicking its dedicated button at the bottom of the mail.
  3. Without deducting from the rights and remedies stood at the disposal of Asael Dreyer Ltd., the company will have the right to block the user's use of the application or some of its services at their discretion.
  4. You are responsible to enter accurate details in the app.

Promotions, advertisements and benefits

  1. The app will occasionally offer promotions, advertisements and benefits to its users. Participation is subject to the terms of the promotion relevant to that promotion.


Intellectual Property

  1. Asael Dreyer Ltd. Gives limited use license, which is not exclusive and cannot be transferred, checked or used for personal needs and only applies to the needs described in the app and terms while complying with the regulations. All right are reserved to Asael Dreyer Ltd.
  2. Every recommendation sent to Asael Dreyer Ltd. in any way, related to the application – Asael Dreyer Ltd. would be able to use at its sole discretion and without having to pay or compensate the user in any way.
  3. All rights, of any kind, including intellectual property, the contents, design, idea, and the rest – are reserved to Asael Dreyer Ltd.



  1. The use of the application is your responsibility alone. All the contents are usable as they are, without any guarantee. Asael Dreyer Ltd. will not bear direct or indirect liability of any kind arising from the use of the application and if there is any claim, you will waive it irrevocably.
  2. You undertake to compensate and indemnify Asael Dreyer Ltd. and the workers on its behalf, immediately upon its first claim, for any debt, expense, damage or loss, including attorney's fees and legal expenses that may be incurred by the Company, in respect of any act Or your default, which are contrary to the provisions of this policy.


Privacy Policy

  1. You are aware that Asael Dreyer Ltd. might collect data about you, including websites you follow and keywords and give your consent. The app registration and its use also constitute your consent to the terms of privacy, which are included in these terms.
  2. Asael Dreyer Ltd. may terminate the activity of the application any time without prior notice, or change it.
  3. Asael Dreyer Ltd. reserves the right to change the provisions of the Articles of Association, completely or in part, the entirety or parts of it, without prior notice.
  4. Any dispute or legal proceeding shall be governed solely by the laws of the State of Israel. Place of jurisdiction – the competent court in the Tel Aviv-Yafo district.
  5. These terms and conditions constitue the legal contract between you and Asael Dreyer Ltd. regarding your use of the application.
  6.  The company Asael Dreyer Ltd. may transfer her rights and or obligations at any time and without the consent of the users, to third party.
  7. If it is determined that part of the regulations is invalid or unenforceable, the other conditions in the regulations will remain in force and in their language.
  8. Delay or avoidance by Asael Dreyer Ltd. the exercise of there rights under these Terms and Conditions, will not be considered as any waiver.


Additional information

With the application, you could check the Keyword position in an easy, simple and comfortable way.

All you need to do is download the app and sign up, and then add the websites you want to follow, in addition to the wanted key words and the system will perform an automatic daily scan for you for each and every word defined.

The system knows how to display visual graphs so that after some time, you can see whether you have risen or fallen with one keyword or another.

Even if you lost your device, or got a different phone, by logging in with the identification information of the application – you will get back all your data.

The application gives an exact indication for each step, whether it waits word for word or goes through the pages in Google.

In order to enjoy the application to the fullest, it must be configured without "battery optimization".