Who am I

Nice to meet you, my name is Asael and I am websites promoter, I have been doing this for 7 years and enjoying every moment.

I did my military service in the Duvdevan unit, where I learned to set goals and not give up until they are achieved. It all started by starting the business, working as a sense artist at events, and knowing that I must have a relative advantage over my colleagues, so I decided to promote my website on Google and in such a way to get more work. In less than 9 months I found myself in the first result in an organic promote for the phrase "sense artist" and in dozens of different expressions. Needless to say, I was filled with work and the schedule was full.

Over time, friends who knew that I was doing SEO for myself and pretty much successful at it, asked me to promote them too and so slowly I became a full time SEO promoter.

I really enjoy doing what I do, most days of the week you will find me in charge of my team in the company offices and at nights, wake to the late hours of the night, where I am most concentrated and love to work.

If you choose me to be responsible for your website SEO – I promise to give you my 110% of time.

True, there is no place for everyone but if I check and find that I have a place for you – take the opportunity with both hands.