SEO for lawyers – how to do it right

Some important points for lawyer's website SEO promoters

  1. From my experience, sponsored SEO does not lead to good leads compared to organic SEO which leads to very nice leads that also turn into meetings and even deals! Leads that come from sponsored SEO in this area – are usually people who leave details on all websites, hoping to find an especially inexpensive advocate, on a volunteer basis. "I realized that you are the better one in the field" (because of a good position in Google search engine) even if it involves a new office of un-known young attorney.
  2. Content – a must and in great quantity! It's a good idea to find a content writer with a law degree, it costs a little more, though it's worth it. After multiple searches I was able to find a super talented content writer who understands the legal world in depth and is the one who writes me all the content of the lawyers I promote.
  3. You should ask the client only once at the beginning of the way to write an article for the website, if you see that it is not happening – do not continue digging! The client pays money in exchange for promotion, not in exchange for working himself! You can simply explain clearly that there are a number of articles that must be uploaded every month to the website, the customer is of course welcome to provide the content (because that is how they came out best and blah blah blah) but if the client does not send – we are the ones who will take care of the content, of course if he wants to edit the article that we provided after it uploaded to the website – he is always welcome. From my experience – not even 1 attorney continued to write long-term articles on his website, ask attorney Orden how long he held. ?
  4. It is very important to create website authority! The photos of the lawyers in the office should be fronted and not photos from Pixabay!
  5. There are a lot of people searching for Google law services, some with a good case that can increase the turnover of that firm. The potential is tremendous! I personally really like competing for the phrases with the most competition and the most potential, though I have learned over time that it is not mandatory! You can also go for phrases with fewer searches, and less competition and find that there is also a sea of ​​relevant leads! Of course, there is nothing to do – the key phrases at the end of the day will bring the highest number of leads.
  6. Because the potential for profit is so high – competition is high too! It is important to calculate in advance what is needed for the SEO of the website, how much it costs us, what is the profit margin we want and first of all to give a price that you can achieve in the result. Never settle for a sale ever! Give a price that will not allow you to make excuses for why the SEO did not succeed. No budget – not so bad! There are other attorneys who will be happy to pay for as good a service as you offer!
  7. Always strive to work with the largest law firms! A large office has a large turnover, which will probably work well with you, the budget it can make available to you will be higher and all this will lead to satisfied customers.
  8. If the office we are promoting deals with more than one area, it is very important that the homepage be a general page that will lead to a lots of internal pages of interests in which the office is concerned. If this is a topic 1 – it is better that the homepage be the page that is promoted to the requested phrase.


Lots of good luck and remember – anything is possible! You work hard and you found – believe it!

שלחו לחבר קישור למאמר, הוא חייב לקרוא אותו!
שלחו לחבר קישור למאמר
הוא חייב לקרוא אותו!
עשהאל דרייר
עשהאל דרייר

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