Gray Method – SEO

Gray Method – A SEO Method That Works!

Long Post – Caution!

Suitable only for those who want a thriving organic SEO business – Opinion post!

Today I want to show you how I see things about SEO, what Gray means more or less, and how this method can help you develop a thriving organic SEO business.


It works like this:

The customer came to you in some way, you made an initial call on the phone, you arrived at a meeting, you left a contract to sign, after X time the contract is signed, great! taking off.

The first thing to do is to first get all the access information that can be related to a website such as:

Access information for site management

Server access information

Domain registrar access information

Access details for analytics, console, YouTube…

And most important of all – you put all the keywords in your promoted website into a placement system. (zefo for example) – this matter of getting as broad a snapshot as possible at the beginning of the promotion about the initial situation – can be very critical later and so it is important to be careful.

Then the work on the website itself begins. It doesn't interest me that many promotional companies today, even after a year, can't finish a 100-page onsite! A real site promoter places a deadline in a journal that is unlikely to fail. It's that simple: make a list of all the tasks on the site, divide it into a week, two or three weeks (depending on the volume of work required), record each day what tasks to do, and let the marker do the work. (Each day after the task is done, mark in the marker that the task accomplished).

My rule of thumb is that within one month the entire site has been optimized from end to end. I won't take a project that I believe I can't optimize in a month (unless it's tens of thousands of pages).

After all, everyone knows that an optimized website will progress better on Google, so why take the time with it so much? The sooner the optimization is done – the faster the website will move towards the goals.

So, the whole site is optimized as fast as possible and yes, obviously there is one who knows how to optimize at a higher level than the other, but in a big way – the starting point of all websites after optimization is not in a significant gap.

Now that the search engines can read our site perfectly, all that Google in theory should do is see what which website other websites recommend most in its domain (links) and hop! It will put it in the 1st result. These recommendations were Google's ingenious idea, they tested it many times (still trying to date) what the search engine looks like when it comes to recommendations (links) and what it looks like without regard for them, they also gave the "recommendations" (links) the highest algorithm effect from the other parameters.

Then came the Black Hat promoters who very quickly realized that links were the thing and decided that if Google didn't understand that their client website should be in 1st place even if they didn't have natural links – they would help him understand by building links themselves.

Of course, Google had to find a solution and so in fact Google's "artificial intelligence" was invented, which is actually a lot of rules that help the algorithm understand whether the actions performed on the website are legitimate or not.

Artificial intelligence probably has a lot of rules but let's say if there is a particular website that hasn't even changed 1 letter for six months, and suddenly out of nowhere it gets 10 strong links – the algorithm will beep and in most cases these links will have no effect. While they won't be wiped out in terms of the algorithm, their impact won't start until Google decides that the website has reached to the point of having such links.


For example:

If a website suddenly on a clear day receives 30 new links – disqualification!

In contrast, if from a design standpoint the website has been, shared on Facebook, optimized overall, and added 10 new articles in the past month that have received a lot of views and sympathy on Facebook – these links will fly it like a high ballistic missile on Google's search engine!

If a site suddenly receives 40 forum links to a specific internal page that has not changed in 3 years – disqualification!

In contrast, if a site suddenly receives 40 forum links created in a total time of week, which are nicely distributed over 10 newly created pages and have received a lot of sympathy and sharing (about 4 links per internal page) – the website will move forward!

If you have played with the CTR by bots looking for the keyword you are promoting and you have increased the CTR from 1% to 10% – disqualification!

Conversely, if you played with the CTR smarter and by doing so you increased the CTR from 1% to 3% – you pulled it off!

So how do you do that? Gray form of course: If you have a website and you want to promote it – it's very simple. Go to the site, improve the overall user experience a little, add a few new articles monthly (you can enter everything on 1 Day and schedule), go through some articles and add a few words / videos to each, share the website on Facebook in a few places, some changes to titles & descriptions and then order a package of links or other. You will not believe the increases you will see … dozens of locations upwards. I tested this thing across dozens of sites, if I say 99% it would be a lie, it's about 100% success.

To sum up: No doubt the preferred dish over the algorithm is links. Since it is so much in favor of him – they decided that it would be good to "filter" the links that come and this is how the artificial intelligence was created to "approve" or "disallow" incoming links.

Our job as a SEO promoter is to bring the website to a high enough level in terms of the site itself (onsite) so that the links we buy / build / replace / obtain successfully pass the artificial intelligence filtering that Google has been trying to build for years.

Therefore, we will build a strategy that says, for example, that every month between 4 and 8 new articles come into the site and every month between 8 and 12 links will be added, and 3 hours will be defined for Onsite work even if the site is "perfect". There is always something to improve, always! All of this goes into an annual paper calendar program and you have a thriving organic SEO business with satisfied customers.

* Attached to the post – a graph of a Gray promotion site that reached the first page of a particularly competitive keyword that we might talk about later … *

I mention – everything written in the post is just an opinion, I'm sure there are people in the group who are promoting in a different and confident way that my path is less good and that's fine.

Let's maintain a respectable discourse, multiple opinions is great! So come on, waiting to know what is your opinion ?



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