Does comments links contribute to SEO

Comment links – Organic or harmful contributors?

I say in advance – may agree with me and may not – everything is acceptable and legitimate – I would like for you to share your opinion and experience.

On September 13, 2017, I set up a chocolate workshop website (hebrew) and started promoting it, posting content and links from a private network. On 2.1.18, about three and a half months after the website was set up, it was rated result 3 in the most important phrase – "Chocolate Workshop" along with other related phrases. Since the website was not really had father and mother and I referred to it as a digital asset that I might later want to do something with – I decided to do the following test on it: Will comments on Israeli blogs help. So, I gradually added 18 comments links for a week. What happened next – you can see for yourself. The website crashed in terms of location by dozens when at the lows point it reached 38 (fourth page) and one day also to 61.

I decided not to deal with it so quickly because many times after the fall there is a sharp rise, therefore I waited until 21.6.18 (5 and a half months after the adding of the comments). Since I saw that the placements were only getting worse and worse – I went to Search Console and submitted a Disavow request for all the comments. Within two days of submitting the request, the website graph returned to increase and on the way back to where it was at its peak, I claim it will also reach result number 1 or 2 in about one to two months.

I decided not to write my own conclusion from the case, each one to draw their own conclusion, that is the essence of being a website promoter – doing actions, documenting them and drawing conclusions from them.

And if you are still not documenting your SEO activities – you should start, this is the better way to learn.

Great day!

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