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So, first of all, I am in reserve, which is really fun because I suddenly have more time to sit down and write – something that I often don't get to do every day. By the way, the writing itself makes order for me and reminds me of things I already forgot or neglected and it always does well to remember, whatever this group is based on quality content and so it will remain.

So, what exactly is "Ancors"?

Ankur is actually the word from which the link to our money website comes from the article. Google takes the Ancors very seriously and understands how to make the most use of them, if we used to push keywords into the Ancors and get to TOP very quickly – today it doesn't exactly work that way, the rules of the game have changed a bit.

Choosing the anchors is so critical to the SEO that the website can get 10 links with the right anchors and see amazing increases in positions and on the other – it can also make the poor anchors and stay in place. Anchors are one of the parameters that most influence the judgment of Google's algorithm.

Do a moment of crawling links by your favorite tool for powerful websites like YNET or THE MARKER. You won't find a lot of keywords in their profile yet – they rank very, very high on many thousands of phrases, and that's why Google doesn't really need you to write exact anchors, if you do – quite the opposite! Google has invested so much time, money and resources into developing its artificial intelligence algorithm that you'll know what a website is talking about without looking at its links, and that even links with exact anchors in quantity – point to suspicious behavior.

Regarding punishment: since in the field of links there is really no need to ask someone for permission to link to their website – I personally do not believe that there is punishment for links, certainly not because the anchors were too precise, otherwise people would do it to their competitors and the story is over … so in my opinion punishment. Whatever it is, it's an algorithm that can make a decision whether or not the same website will receive the same link. If not – he ignores that link that seems suspicious to him and that's it, nothing more. As I said – there is some sort of algorithm that can decide based on some data whether this link is reasonable or not, and one of the key parameters is the Encore.

The more accurate anchors we use, the harder it will be for us to focus on more keywords. So, if all you care about is to get a good place under one keyword such as this website:

Where the only keyword that is significant is "Silver Mountain", then it is no problem to give 50% anchors of "Silver Mountain" as well, but this means that it will be very difficult to rank this website for more competitive phrases.

Conversely, if I left the profile links more natural, with fewer keywords in Ancors and more URLs, Brand and General Ancors – it would be much easier!

So how should you use anchors

If you want to do it right from the start, all you have to do is create a quality link profile from DAY 1.

A quality link profile consists of the following characteristics (roughly, these things are not black and white, or right and wrong, there is a lot of gray and everyone is right in their own way):

40% Brand anchors.

30% clean URL anchors.

15% general anchors (click here, move to the website, etc.).

15% keywords.

So the next time you buy links, or do link exchanges or any way you get links – try to be natural, you won't believe it will pay off in the long run, test and try!

A good example of a website I promote starting May 18, with a great link profile and excellent locations (relative to the website that has been up for 7 months!)

So, this is it, I know sometimes it's tempting to push keywords in anchor, but I really really believe you should try to be more natural, it'll pay off for sure!


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