Beautiful Data Visualization with D3 and Web Standards

Idan Gazit
Idan Gazit
  • תפקיד: Hybrid web designer/developer
  • על ההרצאה: Building beautiful, dynamic data visualizations is hard work, and interactivity adds a layer of complexity on top of that. Given modern web technologies, it is possible (and easy!) to build semantic, DOM-based, interactive visualizations that don't require any kind of plugin to run.

    This lecture is an introduction to data visualization with D3.js. No prior knowledge about D3 or dataviz is required, but familiarity with javascript will be helpful for following along.

  • על המרצה: Idan is one of those designer/developer hybrid unicorns. By day he's the cofounder of Skills, by night he's a core developer of the Django web framework, which powers the sites of companies like Instagram, Pinterest, and Mozilla. He can often be found preaching the benefits of learning multiple disciplines at conferences abroad and at home. He writes longform at ( and shortform as @idangazit, and has various creative outlets around the web.